EthioViews Music Collection: Here you find a wide range of Ethiopian music. This site is part of EthioView entertainment.

Abyssiniawebcast Abyssinia webcast is a music site that has some good collection of songs.

Addis Live : Addis Live Internet Radio plays contemporary, popular, and traditional Ethiopian music through its multichannel programming. ...

Zmulat music page : The Krar is an interesting instrument from Ethiopia, in Africa. It is part of the string family because

EthioFestival: Ethiopian Community site where all is encompassed; Ethiopian MusicVideos, Games, Ethiopian Pictures, Forum, ...News etc…

Nubian Entertainment: We do promotion through out California (S.F, Oakland, San Jose and LA) for Special

Bisrat Lemma: A solist Keyboard and composer.

Dawit Mellesse Alchalkum … : The offical home page of Dawit Mellesse ..

Dub Addis: dub Addis was born in Durham, North Carolina in 1994 from two African refugees, Dereje Tesfaye and Fresew Taye,...

Music and Literature : This page has some literatures and Music clips as well. ...

ET Conscience Records : ET Conscience Records is a leading international music and video wholesale distribution center. We have many ......

Zelalem Music Site : We love it ... got a good number of songs by catagory and even has the artists picture. ..

(Abugida) Abugida Entertainment & Style is a newly established entertainment company in North America. The company is ......

Ermisongs : Now let's look a little into the REALM of ERMISONGS.COM. The love affair with music started on a rainy day back in 1985 on .....

EthioCyber: About 400 songs listed alphabetically, easy to find...(good collections). : Teodros "teddy" Makonnen has been a composer, arranger, producer, and masterful music performer for over twenty years. He ....

Gigi (Ejigayehu Shibeshi) : Gigi's voice has both the fluttering, traditional authenticity and power of Ethiopia's most celebrated diva, .... : Come and look inside to see what Ethiopians are raving about. The smooth, soulful, silky, and stunning sounds ....

Muluken Melesse's Home Page: Muluken is one of the best highly talented celebrated singers Ethiopia ever created. His contribution ....

Zemen Melese: Born in Bahar Dar, Northern Ethiopia city, Zemene raised to crawl and reach the pleasure of music. He joined the Ground ...

Admas Band : Henock Temesgen and Abegasu Shiota formed, in Washington, DC, ADMAS (which means "HORIZON" in Amharic, the

Tewodros Mekonnen : Teodros "teddy" Makonnen has been a composer, arranger, producer, and masterful music performer for over

EthioHipHop : This spot right here is strictly for the true players, ballers, hustlers, Gs, habehsa ambesoch ......strictly for the sexy momas

Musica Aethiopica : About 22 religious , cultural and love songs.

AddisWeb's Music Collection: very good site ... organized by artists name... worth to look at.

Selamta music.. .. very good collections. to be found here.

New Rappers from Addis Ababa: The album everyone is talking about is in stores now.
The New Rappers straight from ADDIS ABABA . Produced by OG BONE RECORDS.

Lots of Ethiopian songs : The number one Ethiopian music site. This site has over 150 Ethiopian Songs to listen to...(oldies...tizita..ambasel...modern...instrumentals...) ...more

Free Music Clips... Kassa Tesema, Hirut Bekele, Kuku Sebsbe , Muluken Melese , Shambel Belayineh, Temirat Mola,

Orthodox Church Song Clips.. Some church song clips from Temro Mastemar Mahber Home Page.

Ethiopian christian Network. song collections from Lily, Derege kebede, Muluken Melese, Tamrat Haile , Biruktayit and Getayawkal...and ...more

Ethiopian Christian Fellowship : This page is dedicated to all the servants of God who praise and glorify Him in song ..

Ethiopian Music AfroMix (commercial site)

Ethiopian Music (commercial site)

AIT Records (commercial site)

Acuwork Digital Studio ---Record production company focusing on Ethiopian music and artists presents its past and present projects, ....


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